You do not want all members to be authorized to make trades. That creates too much chance for fraud. Only officers should have access to the online account and ability to trade.
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Date: Tue, Nov 5, 2019 2:16 PM
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In the change from Scottrade we were required to make all members Authorized Agents with DOB and SSN provided.  It seems like if you contact TD Ameritrade they will catch up to your club with this new requirement. They also had some trouble when we said were a partnership and an investment club. You need to state one or the other even if you are both.

Ira Haas

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In 20 years with TDA and its predecessors, we've never updated our docs with the broker.

Ira Smilovitz

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We don't add all members into Ameritrade, just the President and treasurer.

All members are in Bivio and have access to the information there.

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Are there clubs who use TDAmeritrade as their brokerage? We are having issues with them when adding new members to I'm specifically asking for help from a club who has added a new member recently. Every time we add a new member, they change the rules. Now they are saying we have to fill out and complete a Entity Authorized Agent Form for the new member AND every current member has to have their information on it as well and sign again. Issue here is the SSN numbers for everyone will be on that form which is a privacy issue. Anyone out there that can share a better practice? Thank you in advance. Christie B Senior Director of ClubMoFu