Auditing Member Accounts

The question was asked about using the member performance detail report to have members confirm their payments for the year. Ex:

In the audit instructions, we recommend you tell them to look at the "Member Contributions and Withdrawals" report to do this.

The Member performance Detail report does not show the valuation dates member payments were entered so it is not as complete a source of information for them to look at. A better place for them to look to see all details would be a Member Transaction list:

They can get to this by going to Accounting>Accounts and clicking on their name. This will show them each transaction that was recorded in their account. It will show the amount, the date recorded, the valuation date used to determine the number of units they received, the number of units and whether contributions were recorded as "Payments" or "Fees".

They need to confirm payment amounts and make sure they agree with the other entry details. The auditors need to confirm the other details are what the club has agreed to and that the amounts actually were deposited in the club accounts.

This explains how member performance is calculated on the Member performance detail report:

Laurie Frederiksen
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