Late Information from Year End Summary
This is somewhat club specific but perhaps other clubs have run into this before and can reassure us ...

We changed brokers at the end of 2019 and there were a few transactions that simply came to us as cash in January 2019. It is only now that we have received a 2019 year-end summary from our previous broker that we are seeing what those transactions were.

We thought our accounts were correct and balanced all through 2019 but now as we begin our audit we're afraid that this is going to muck us up. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that if we go back and enter those transactions for what they really were, everything will still balance out in the end?
Hi everyone - just a quick follow-up here; we were able to get additional information from our prior broker and we think we'll be okay. Just wanted to share cautionary tale when transferring from one broker to another - beware the lagging dividends that may get caught in transfer.

(And it sounds like some of you will transferring with those Folio issues ...)