Heads up - Getting Ready for Upcoming Broker Changes
The brokerage would flip out and cancel all access if they knew all members were logging in with the same user name. That is illegal.  Only those with authorized access and their own username should access account. 
Linda Wiltse
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Date: Thu, Aug 6, 2020 9:51 PM
Subject:Re: [club_cafe] Re: Heads up - Getting Ready for Upcoming Broker Changes

Why would you need to provide every partner the username, password and all the other broker access information.

Few partnerships do that.  Just the treasurer and one other person has that access in my three clubs and two of them use AMTD.

No other general partnership I worked with during my business life allowed all partners such access.

All of our partners has their own brokerage(s) and use their personal access for research.  If a partner wants to know something about the account or holdings then they go to bivio or IClub.

Joe Farrell

On Aug 6, 2020, at 4:50 PM, Peter Dunkelberger via

I suspect not much if TDA is not your broker. Even if TDA is your broker, each club member will have to have the same username and password as each other club member. That means they can access the same information that the treasurer sees.  One account number = one username and one password.  At least with our account, there is only one level of access.

Peter Dunkelberger

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How much access to the TDA Platforms and research is
available to club members?