1099 dividend reporting
Our club invests in ETF's only. Our 1099 shows Total ordinary dividends, qualified dividends, 199A dividends, and foreign tax paid. Accountsync shows the total dividend received so I have to edit to separate out the various amounts. When entering the values, should Total in Bivio equal Total Ordinary Dividends?

example 1:
Vanguard Tot Stk Mkt Idx Viper (VTI) has 69.29 reported 6/30 and 1099 has 1a 69.29, 1b 66.53, and box 5 as 2.76. 1b & 5 total to 69.29

Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETF - DNQ (VBK) has 19.33 reported 6/30 and 1099 has 1a 19.33, 1b 13.04, and box 5 as 6.16. 1b & 5 do not total to 19.33

example 2:
Vanguard FTSE All World Ex US ETF (VEU) has 93.65 reported on 6/25 and 1099 has 1a 102.29, 1b 75.46, and foreign tax paid as 8.63.

I know we've done this before but I can't find our old instructions.

Bob Mann