Best Small Companies (2022): SELECTION SHOW
For the past couple of decades, our investing community has
explored evolving, faster-growing companies during the
Halloween season. This was originally based on Forbes 100
Best Small Companies -- a feature they discontinued (7)
years ago. Ken Kavula and I decided to continue the effort
-- with a caveat -- that we'd expect the same sort of
quality and superior return forecasts that we demand from
our core selections and holdings. The result has been that
we've beaten the Wilshire 5000 for six straight years and
hope to celebrate #7 this coming Saturday morning.

Our webcast is FREE, open to all interested investors (we're
admittedly biased to bivio Nation) and consider joining us
as we review 2021 results and make the 2022 selections. We
consider it one of the best ways of Investing With Our


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