Transition from TDA to Schwab
Cynthia, the link that you provided was extremely useful.
Thank you.

It says that new Schwab account and routing numbers will be
provided, that we will be prompted to create a new Schwab
login ID and password about a month before the move, and
that we will receive new checks/debit cards about a week
before the move. Of course, there are certain requirements
for checks/debit cards to be issued. All club Treasurers
should read this information.
Thanks for the heads up on personal accounts with TDA.

Also, regarding check writing from your cash holdings, TDA
provides an account check book.
unfortunately only one signature is needed.

Another downside with TDA there is only a single login that
must be shared with the principles of the club. I
understand this changes for Schwab.

I checked with TDA customer service, they advised that our
transition is months away, sometimes during the summer.
There has been no notice of the pending change other than
this bulletin board.

Thanks, submitters.