Happy Groundhog Weekend, Bivio Nation!
Many of you are aware that we've held a stock selection content, our Groundhog Challenge, for the last seventeen years. Entries are welcomed from individuals and groups (clubs).

Congratulations to this year's group winner, Orange County Model Club (California) who are champions for the second time in four years. There must be something about orange juice because the champions for the last two years have been Space Coast (Florida).

Long story short, we welcome entries by individuals but the results from the clubs are fascinating.

We also track all-time standings (annualized returns greater than Wilshire 5000) and as we crunch the all-time results this year, 7-of-the-top-20 are clubs including our multi-time champion Bower City Ladies (Janesville, Wisconsin) and the venerable and formidable Broad Assets (St. Louis). And yes, Ken Kavula is affiliated with three clubs in the Burrow of Fame Top 30.

If you're interested in submitting an entry as an individual or club (many people do both), you're most welcome to do so. Details:

We'll be covering the results during our Bull Session this coming Tuesday at 2 PM ET. Registration:

Best regards from the Burrow,

Mark Robertson