GE Vernova spinoff
This may be related to the TDA transition, but our club held GE and in our Schwab (and TDA before transition) shows 7 shares of GE Vernova however Bivio isn't showing them. We purchased an additional 7 shares which do show up.

In Schwab the lot details shows 3 "transactions" for the 7 shares, 2, 2.5, and 2.5 with various basis prices and the the dates of our original GE share purchases.

Anyone else have an issue with the GEV shares not showing up?

Any clue how to fix this? And how to deal with the basis prices?
So I used the "Spin-off" option in our "Investments" under "Accounting"

It seems to have worked, except the Bivio Tool comes up with a basis that is $10.39 greater than Schwab reports.

Seems that Bivio spreads our 7 shares across our 3 purchases evenly, which is different of how Schwab did it.

Anyone know if this is going to be a tax problem?