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There is a place in Bivio under your club where you could do this.  However, I think it is best to simply bulk email it out a week before the meeting to the members. Many members don't go on to Bivio,com.
You could also do Google docs but the members are going to have to have a gmail account. I would like to get some type of projector that is not expensive for meetings if anyone has suggestions.
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I am throwing this out to the club cafe as you have come up with such great suggestions before.

Our club would like to have a watch list of stocks we have taken a look at but feel that now is not the time to buy.  I am looking for suggestions for the EASIEST way to do this where all 10 of us can look at it before our meetings.  Some of us have minimal computer skills. I don't know if there is a way in bivio to make a watch list separate from out regular portfolio.  Is there?  and can it update prices?

My thought is to set up a yahoo account for the club and put a "portfolio" in it because that will update the prices and we can get further information on each stock.  I do not think anyone in our club wants to make a web page and take care of updating it.

Thanks in advance,
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Dear Taniaca,

Using Google to share things is a great idea. I do that for a lot of things also. In my experience, you can share a Google doc with anyone, they don't have to have a gmail address.

One idea for a big display for meetings might be to hook up a computer to a TV set. This may or may not work for you logistically, but it is possible and in many cases and depending on the age of your equipment, sometimes not all that hard to do.

I've heard reports from clubs who shared webinars this way.

Laurie Frederiksen
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