AccountSync Brokerage Price Differences

AccountSync reads pricing recorded for specific transactions such as stock purchases from your broker, but it does not get daily pricing data from them.

Stock prices are updated each day for all bivio clubs using a separate pricing data feed. What is important for your accounting is a consistent source of data. That is one of the things your subscription to bivio provides you.

Capturing a value for something like a stock which changes in price constantly is a moving target. bivio uses a very high quality data source, the same one used by Yahoo finance.

If you see tiny differences in price between our data and your brokers, it can be due to a variety of factors such as after market trading, rounding differences etc. A difference in total market value of your portfolio by tiny amounts will not affect your accounting or your records at all.

There may be stocks you own that are not included in our pricing data feed. They are called "Unlisted" stocks and it is important you update their prices manually every time you make any accounting entries requiring accurate club valuations. Those include entering member payments and withdrawals, generating correct reports and preparing correct taxes. You will find a "Value unlisted" button on the Accounting>Investments page that you can use to make those updates.

There may also be stocks which have stopped trading under the ticker you have them recorded under in bivio. You can see if a stocks price has been updated if you go to Accounting>Investments. There is a "Valuation date" column on that page which will show you the last time the stocks price was updated. If you see an old date and it is not an unlisted investment, you should contact us to determine what entries you are missing that are causing the issue.

Otherwise, as long as your cash balances and numbers of shares of each stock agree exactly, your accounts balance.

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