Account Detail

A list of all the transactions in an account is displayed when you click on Accounting > Accounts followed by clicking on the name of the account. From this Account Detail page, club officers are able to enter new transactions, as well as delete existing ones.

Note: Transactions specific to a particular investment or a specific member can also be entered at detail pages grouped by member or by investment. Go to Accounting > Investments and click on an investment or Accounting > Members and click on a member name to see them.

Once you have opened the list of transactions, this is what you will see on the page:

  • Tool Bar - The tool bar is visible only to club officers. An officer can enter additional transactions related to this cash account, such as dividends, interest, income, or club expenses. For a complete description, please see Account Transactions.
  • Date - The date of the applicable transaction as entered by a club officer.
  • Exec - The name of the club officer who entered the transaction.
  • Type - The type of transaction. For example, Transfer is transfer between accounts if you have more than one. Payment is a member payment.
  • Remark - Any remarks associated with this transaction.
  • Amount - The value increase or decrease of the account in association with each transaction.
  • Action - Allows an officer to edit or delete transactions entered in error.
    To delete, check the box shown here and then confirm the deletion by scrolling down and clicking on the delete button at the bottom of the list. This will take you to a screen where you will be able to make a final confirmation that you want to delete the selected transaction. This helps to ensure that transactions are not inadvertently deleted.
  • Current Balance - The current cash balance of this club account.

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