Change User Preferences

At the bottom of some pages, you'll see settings you can change to modify the display. For example, you'll be able to change Style on most pages, and on pages of lists you'll see a way to change the size of the list displayed.

Your user preferences are sticky. They are associated with your User Id and are stored in our database. If you go to a new browser, your club pages will still display using the preferences you've chosen.

The following preferences are available:

  • Style

    Style defines the font size. The default Style is Normal.

  • List Size

    List size defines how many lines are shown on each page. The default is 15 lines. We give you quite a range of choices. The larger the number, the longer the list but it will take longer to display. Decreasing the list size will make the page display faster.

  • Show Inactive Accounts

    By default, this is unchecked and you only see the active accounts in your club. An account will be marked as inactive if it has a zero balance for at least three months. Inactive accounts are not shown on the Account Summary page unless you check this box.

  • Show Inactive Investments

    By default, only your current holdings are displayed in the Investment Summary and other reports. Past holdings, that is, investments which you sold off completely, are not displayed. To see them, simply check this box.

  • Show Withdrawn Members

    By default you only see the current members of your club. When a member withdraws all his or her money from the club, the member disappears from the Roster, Member Summary, and other pages. Check this box if you would like to see both withdrawn and current members listed on these pages.

  • Wrap Lines

    This is shown on the pages where you can compose email messages and invites. It defines how lines will be wrapped when the messages are sent. The default is to wrap lines (the box is checked). To keep the formatting in your messages exactly as you see it on the screen, uncheck this box.

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