Cost Basis Adjustments - Form 8937 and SEC Documentation - Past Years

When a company goes through a reorganization such as a split, a spinoff or a merger, your cost basis in your shares needs to be adjusted. Companies report the adjustments that are needed first in the prospectus they file with the SEC and then on IRS Form 8937. They send form 8937 to your broker so they can make the adjustments needed on their side and they usually post it on their website.

You need to make sure the correct adjustments are also made in bivio so when you sell your stock, the correct capital gain or loss will be calculated.

If your club uses AccountSync to import your brokerage transactions, we research what is needed to adjust your records and then make the adjustments for you.

If your club does not use AccountSync, it is up to you to make sure the correct adjustments are made. However, if you'd like help, we'll be glad to make the entries you need. Just email us at .

This is a list of links to the documentation for some of the reorganizations we've had questions about. The links will take you to the SEC filing or, if it is available, the Form 8937. The list is by no means comprehensive. If you have a question about one that is not listed here, email us in support and we'll help you out.

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