Font Size

There are two ways to change your browser's font size. The first way is to use our Change User Preferences feature. The second way (described below) affects the way you view all pages, not just ours. Both ways have an affect on what you seen on your screen. However, the second way won't necessarily affect Printing.

Changing font size in AOL browser:

  1. Click on the My AOL toolbar button

  2. Select Preferences

  3. Select WWW

  4. Then follow the directions below for Internet Explorer.

To reduce the default font size of Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to the View menu

  2. Click on Text Size

  3. Select Smaller or Smallest

To reduce the default font size of Netscape Communicator, use either Ctrl-[ or:

  1. Go to the Edit menu

  2. Select Preferences

  3. Go to the Appearance -> Fonts Category

  4. On the line that says Variable Width Font, set the size to 10.

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