Partnership Signature Page Considerations

This section and the list of signatures should be printed on a separate page. That way, if it is not possible for everyone to sign it at the same time, you can distribute separate copies to each member to sign. The wording of the section allows you to include all the different copies of the page to encompass the full list of signatures.

If a member withdraws, one way to keep records of this is to cross off the name of the withdrawn member or make a note on their signature page. Make sure to note an effective date. Attach their request for withdrawal, a reference to the meeting minutes where the withdrawal was accepted and a copy of the withdrawal report and keep everything in the same place that you store your partnership agreement.

If a new member joins, his name can be added to the signature page and a copy of the page with his signature and the date he signed the agreement can be recorded and kept with the official partnership documents.

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