Privileges control what a member of a bivio club is able to access or modify on the site. There are several roles that bivio recognizes. They are:

  • Administrator
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Member
  • Guest

Officers have full privileges. They can edit member information (e.g. addresses and tax ids), add new members, update the accounting, and so on. They cannot view the tax ids of Guests or modify a Guest's personal data, however. Clubs must have at least one online officer at all times.

Regular partners (Secretary and Member) have limited privileges. They can view personal data of Guests and Members (except social security numbers), upload files, and receive messages sent to your club's mail address at bivio.

Guests have limited privileges. They can view the club's data and members' personal data (except social security numbers), but they cannot upload files and you can determine whether or not they can send and receive messages to or from your club. Guests cannot buy units in your club.

Your club is a private area. No one can access your club unless you invite them or you specifically share some of your clubs files publicly. To learn more, please visit Public Access.

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