Public Access

Many investment clubs like to share information about their club with the public. This information can be as simple as a single text file or may be as complex as sharing a home page with links to your partnership agreement, favorite investment sites, etc. By including Web pages in the Files area of your club in a folder labeled Public, you can easily create your own public web site on bivio.

To create a public web site for your club or to share other files and messages with the public, just create a folder in your files area named Public

Store any files you want to share with the world in this folder or in a subfolder underneath it. The files are then searchable on the web and you can share links to them with anyone. They will not have to login to your club to view them.

If you decide you no longer want a file to be public, just move it to a folder that does not fall under the Public one.

Note: It is important to remember that your club remain "just a club". Information on what constitutes an investment club can be found on this page at the SEC website.

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