Switching Brokers

If your club is switching brokers, here are the steps you should take to update your bivio record keeping.

  1. Create a New account in bivio

    Use the "Create" button on the Accounting>Accounts page to add a new account where you'll track the transactions in your new brokerage account.

    You'll be asked for your brokerage login credentials when you set it up. They will be used for the AccountSync connection. If your new broker is not one that is supported by AccountSync you do not have to enter any login information.

  2. Initial Entries

    You will probably have 1 or more transfer entries to make when cash is transferred from your old broker to your new one. If you sell any stocks at your old broker, make sure to make those entries in the account you track it's transactions in.

    You do not have to make any entries in bivio when you move your shares of stock. bivio does not track directly which account they are in.

That's all there is to it. As you go forward, just track transactions that happen in your new account in the new account you've just set up in bivio.

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