Unlisted Investments

bivio's Price Database, while very extensive, may not include pricing for all types of investments. For example, there are no prices for foreign securities, thinly traded securities, penny stocks, certain mutual funds, bonds, certain money market funds, etc.

If you have invested in something like this, you may need to enter it in your accounting as what is called an Unlisted Investment. This is an investment whose price you will need to update manually every time you make an accounting entry that requires a valuation such as a member payment or withdrawal or an expense allocated "per partnership exception". You will also want to update these prices prior to using information you'll find on any of the bivio reports.

You'll know you have an unlisted investment because when you try and enter a ticker, you'll be told the ticker symbol can't be found. That means it is not included in bivio's pricing database.

This is when you will be asked to define it as an Unlisted Investment. To do so, simply click on the "New Unlisted" button you'll see next to the Ticker entry field. That opens a form where you will be asked to define a ticker symbol for the unlisted investment. You'll also be asked for its full name, what type of investment it is, and whether or not the investment generates income that is Federal Tax Free.

Note : - Prior to purchasing an investment, make sure you understand the scope of the bivio accounting and tax reporting services. There are a lot of things you can invest in, even many things that are publicly traded, but you can't account for all of them using bivio. Please contact PRIOR to purchasing something other than common stock issued by a C corporation if you have any concern about whether it will cause you problems keeping your club accounting.

Once your club has obtained and entered an Unlisted Investment you will be asked to enter an accurate price for that investment as of the Member Valuation Date whenever you enter member payments or member withdrawals.

You can enter a new value for your Unlisted Investments using the Value Unlisted Investments button on your Accounting>Investments page. You can also Change Past Valuations by clicking on the Edit Past Valuations link on the Administration>Tools page.

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