Value Unlisted Investments

The Value Unlisted Investments page is used to update the prices of your Unlisted Investments . If your club owns an Unlisted Investment, you'll see a button labeled "Value Unlisted" when you go to the Accounting>Investments page. If you click on it, a form will open and you can update the prices for any investments you have that are not being updated by the automatic price data feed.

Here are the fields you'll need to fill in:

  • Date - enter the date on which you would like to value the investments and click on Refresh. If you've entered a price for this date previously, it will be displayed.
  • Price/Share - Enter or edit the correct closing stock price for the date displayed.

You will be asked to enter prices for your unlisted investments any time you make an accounting entry that requires a valuation. This includes entering member payments and withdrawals and entering expenses allocated "per partnership exception".

You should also update your unlisted investment pricing prior to using information from any of the bivio reports.

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