Starting an Investment Club

To get a new club started there are three basic steps.

  • Sign up

    You can use bivio to organize your club. The first thing one of you will need to do is to register with us. To learn more about bivio, take our tour or visit our Demo Club.

    When you register you'll receive your own Club Site TM. Think of it as your online club offices. It's where you will manage your finances, keep your records and communicate with each other. You'll need to pick a name for your club to register with us, but don't worry, if you haven't had enough time to come up with something that you like. You can change it later.

    The person who registers can add information about all your member(s) to your Club Site, either during the registration process or later on. If you enter their email addresses, they'll receive an email invitation which will tell them how to set up login credentials to access your club.

    Along with your Club Site, you'll receive a club email address. Any emails sent to your club address will go to all the members of your club. This is very useful for having club discussions.

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  • Get Organized

    Your club is a business so you will have a few simple administrative steps you'll need to take to get legal and be able to open a brokerage account as a group.

    You can start to use some of the features of your bivio Club Site right away to help you with these steps. For example, you'll be able to share draft partnership agreements in the files area, discuss which broker to use using your club email address, and enter information required by your broker in the Roster.

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  • Start Investing

    You're ready to start investing! Make sure you and your club members agree on a methodology you're going to use to select your investments. You'll find lots of resources on the web to help you learn about investing and to help you research investments.

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Good luck! You are sure to have a fascinating journey when you Invest With Your Friends TM. If you haven't already done so, you can Register now