Start Investing
Start Investing

You'll find many sources of information on the web which will teach you about how to invest in publicly traded stocks. You'll also find many sources of information to help you research investments. Here are a few of our favorites:

Learning About Investing

Investment Research

There is a lot to learn to become a successful investor. It's an ongoing, lifetime journey. If you're just starting, don't feel overwhelmed because you can't absorb everything at once. Pick any one of these sources and start working through the educational tools and resources they offer. There's a lot of good material at all of these sites. As your knowledge grows and you start trying to practice what you are learning by making investments, you'll find yourself searching out more and more information from a variety of places. Jump in and make your first investments! It's fun to track how they do and you are guaranteed to learn something no matter how they pan out.

There are a lot of methodologies to choose from to help you determine how you might want to select investments. Since you are working in a group, pick one and focus on it and try it. There is no single method that is guaranteed to be the best. If there was, everyone would use it! But, in general, following a single methodology will get you further than running from one to another, especially when you are beginning. You'll naturally expand beyond the basics once you have learned them. But first you need to know what questions are important to ask!

Be aware that there are a lot of things that you can invest in, some of them traded with brokerages on the stock market like stocks. Unfortunately, some of these come along with complicated accounting and tax filing requirements. You can find out more information here.

bivio is designed to account for investments in publicly traded corporate stocks, stock mutual funds and stock ETF's (exchange traded funds). If you have any questions about whether bivio will be able to account for something you are considering investing in, email us at We'll be glad to check it out for you before you purchase it and get into a problem.