Manage Decisions
Manage Decisions

When you register, we'll set up a private Club Site for you. It will include a communications command center - a custom bulletin board and a special email address. This makes it very easy to discuss your plans, discuss investments and even take votes in-between meetings.

When you have something to discuss, you'll just send an email to [yourclub] and it will automatically go to all your club members. For example, a member of the Pot of Gold investment club would just have to address an email to and everyone in the club would receive it.

All your emails are saved on your site, in case you need to refer to any of the details of your discussions in the future.

In addition to your email center, you'll have a files area where you can store files you're all working on or might need to reference. For example, minutes, brokerage statements, stock studies, spreadsheets and educational presentations. That way all your members have access to them whenever they need them.