Prepare Taxes
Prepare Taxes

When you invest together in a group such as an investment club, you are actually operating a type of business called a partnership. You'll need to file a partnership tax return each year. You'll also need to distribute tax information to all your members that they'll need to prepare their personal taxes.

Active bivio subscriptions include the ability for you to prepare your federal tax forms quickly and easily. You'll just answer a few brief questions and we'll use that information along with everything you've been entering in your bivio account during the year to generate all the forms you need to file and distribute.

bivio is the only investment club accounting software on the market that allows you to easily handle all your tax issues including entries for wash sales that you need to make to comply with the new form 8949 Cost Basis Reporting rules.

We even give you a way to allow your members to access their own forms when they login. That means they can get them when they need them.

At bivio, we know that tax preparation is an important part of the services you need to run an investment club so we include it as part of your annual subscription. We'd never take advantage of the fact that you have this requirement to charge you extra for a "Federal tax printer" every year.