Investing in start up
Our club just recently invested in an early start up where
our investment will be split between all 4 members - 25%
each. We are interested in learning how is the best way to
reflect that initial investment in Bivio. It will be a long
term investment but there will probably be additional
funding rounds where we may want to add to our % owned.
Investments that your club makes that are not included in bivio's pricing database need to be recorded in bivio as Unlisted Investments. Here's a link to the Unlisted Investments help page with directions for making the entries and manually update the pricing:

Just because you can record it as an unlisted investment, it doesn't mean that bivio can account for this type of investment correctly. Make sure that any gains/losses or distributions from this investment do not create any tax or accounting complications that bivio is unable to handle. If so, you will need to use an outside accountant for your club's tax preparation. For more detail, contact us at

Becky Kruse