Transaction History Report

The Transaction History details the transaction history of your club for the selected date range. Transactions are listed in chronological order within the following categories.

  • Cash Accounts - Income and Expenses lists interest or dividends received from cash accounts, as well as any expenses paid from those accounts.
  • Investment Purchases, Sales, and Transfers lists securities bought or sold, as well as any securities transferred to members as payment in withdrawals.
  • Investment Distributions - Cash and Reinvested lists investment distributions, whether received as cash or reinvested, including investment interest, dividends, capital gains distributions, and return of capital.
  • Investment Splits, Spin-offs and Mergers details the number of shares acquired as a result of the applicable transaction and any gain or loss realized by the receipt of cash in lieu of any fractional shares resulting from the transaction.
  • Member Contributions and Withdrawals details deposits made by members in the form of payments and fees, as well as details associated with the payment of member withdrawals.

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