Transaction Ledger

The Transaction Ledger is a double entry ledger of the transaction and tax allocation history of the club. It shows the impact of transactions on the cost basis of the club's investment portfolio and also on the capital accounts of the members of the club. It also shows the flow of cash between investments and cash accounts, and between the club and its members. The Transaction Ledger can be displayed for any complete or partial calendar year by changing the dates in the date parameter fields at the top of the page when the report is displayed.

Here are the fields shown on the report:

  • Date - The date of a transaction or member allocation.
  • Description - Detailed description of each transaction.
  • Cash - Increases or (decreases) in the balance in the club's cash accounts.
  • Investments - The increase or (decrease) in the cost basis of the club's investment portfolio.
  • Members - The (increase) or decrease in the total tax basis of the members of the club.
  • Dividends and Interest - Dividends and interest received.
  • Misc. Income - Other income and expenses realized by the club.
  • Investment Sale Gain - The (gain) or loss realized by the sale of a club investment.
  • Unrealized Gain - The difference between the cost basis of assets distributed in member withdrawals and the adjusted cost basis of the member units liquidated.

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