Accounting Reports

When you click on Accounting > Reports you will see a list of reports you can generate from your club data. They are divided into three categories: daily, yearly, and miscellaneous. Click on a report name below to find out more about it.

In addition, if you are doing monthly reconciliations or an audit, or if you just need to edit a transaction, one of the most useful ways to look at your bivio data is to look at a Transactions List. They are chronological lists of your transactions by account, by member or by investment.


  • Valuation (NAV) Report

    Provides a detailed snapshot view of the assets, the number of units outstanding, and the current unit value of a club on a given date.

  • Member Status Report

    Provides a snapshot view of the account of each member of your club on a selected date.

  • Transaction History Report

    Provides a detailed transaction history of your club for any selected date range. Transactions are listed by category in chronological order. (See also Transactions Lists)

  • Performance Benchmark Report

    Compares the performance you achieved by the investments in your club to the performance you would have gotten if you had made those same investments in something else (such as an S&P 500 index mutual fund).

  • Investment Performance Report

    Details the performance of your club's investment portfolio as of a selected date.

  • Member Performance Report

    Details the performance of each member's investment in the club as of a selected date.


  • Balance Sheet

    Details the capital structure and cost basis of the assets and liabilities of your club.

  • Income Statement

    Details income, interest, dividends, deductible expenses, and capital gains/losses realized during the selected period.

  • Income and Expense History

    Details the amount of taxable miscellaneous income and/or tax deductible miscellaneous expense your club has realized during the selected year.

  • Capital Gains and Losses Report

    Details investment transactions made during the selected period and the gains or losses realized in conjunction with each transaction. Transactions are categorized as Short-Term or Long-Term Capital Gains based on the holding period of each block of stock sold.

  • Member Tax Allocations Report

    Details the amount of income, interest, dividends, gains/losses, and expenses that the club has realized year to date (YTD). It also provides each member's allocation or taxable share of each of those items.

  • Transaction Ledger

    A double entry ledger of the transaction and tax allocation (distribution) history of the club. It reveals the impact of those transactions and allocations on the cost basis of the club's investment portfolio and capital accounts of the members of the club. It also reflects the flow of cash between investments, cash accounts, and between the club and its members.

  • Member Contributions and Withdrawals Report

    Shows member payments and withdrawals grouped by transaction month.


  • Member Withdrawal Reports - These reports list the details of any full or partial withdrawals that have been paid to club members. They also include important information the withdrawing member will need to prepare his personal taxes correctly.

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