Switching to bivio

If your club has already been in existence for a while, it is easy to switch your accounting to bivio.

  1. Sign up

    The first thing you need to do is to register with us. You'll receive a 3 month free trial period to see for yourself how bivio works for your club. If you'd like to learn more about bivio before you register, take our tour or visit our Demo Club.

    When you register you'll receive your own Club Site TM. Think of it as your online club offices. It's where you will manage your finances, keep your records and communicate with each other.

    Along with your Club Site TM, you'll receive a club email address. Any emails sent to your club address will go to all the members of your club. This is very useful for having club discussions.

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  2. Enter Your Clubs Accounting History

    You'll need to enter your historical accounting information into bivio. If you've been using another accounting program, you'll be able to read in the data directly. If you've been doing your accounting manually or using a spreadsheet, you'll enter opening balances for all your accounts to get started.

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  3. Invite Members To Access Your Club

    With your permission, all your members will be able to access bivio from their own computers. You will need to send them an email invitation. It will contain an authorization code and instructions they should follow to set up their own bivio login information.

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  4. Set Up Accounts

    You'll create accounts in bivio to track transactions in each of your club financial accounts.

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  5. Add New Transactions

    You're all set. Time to start adding new transactions and using bivio for your club!

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