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Every club can have its own home page. You can create a home page with any HTML text editor, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage. You can link to all the pages in your bivio Club Site, such as your accounting reports and your roster. It's a great way to add shortcuts for all your members and to link to files you store in your files area.

To set up a website, you must put the correct files in your Files Area. Upload a file named index.htm or index.html to a folder you create and name Public. Your clubs website address is then:<your-club-id>

where <your-club-id> is your Club ID.

Our public Demo Club (Club ID demo_club) has a home page. Here's the link:

Feel free to use this page as the basis for your club's home page.

There are lots of programs to create web pages. Our support staff probably hasn't used your program. If you are having problems uploading your files, feel free to email us for help but providing you guidance on how to create a web page is not a service we provide.

If you'd like to learn to create one, google "Create Web Page, Tutorial" and you'll find lots of great sites that will help you get going.

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