Every Club Site has its own files area. It works just like your computer's file system. It's a place where you can store and share files.

Your club files area is found by clicking on Communications>Files.

In the files area you can upload files, create new folders and rename, replace and delete existing files.

  • Open a File - To view a file, click on its name. The file will open in the program your browser associates with its file name extension. For example, a file ending in .doc or .docx will open in Microsoft Word if you have it on your computer.
  • Download a File - To download a file, right click on its name and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the little menu that opens up.
  • List Files in a Folder - When you click on folder name or icon, that folder opens and you can see its contents.
  • Modify - If you'd like to change something about a file or a folder click the Modify link.

    • Modify Folder If you select Modify next to a Folder name, a page will open where you may choose from these actions:

      • Add file - Upload a new file into the folder. (your file must have a file extension as part of its name. For example, .pdf if it is a PDF file or .doc if it is a Word file.
      • Add text file - Create a new text file in the folder.
      • Add subfolder - Create a new sub folder.
      • Rename folder - Give a new name to the folder.
      • Move folder - Move the folder to a different place in the hierarchy.
      • Delete - Remove the folder and its contents from the files area.
    • Modify File If you select Modify next to a File name, a page will open where you may choose from these actions:

      • Replace contents - Replace the file with a file of the same name that you upload from your computer.
      • Rename file - Change the file name. (including file extension)
      • Move file - Move the file to a different folder.
      • Delete - Remove the file from the files area.

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