Your club has its own email address and email message board where you can save all your email discussions. The email address lets you communicate easily with everyone in your club. When you save your email discussions in a centralized location, you'll all always have access to them if you need to refer to something later.

Your email and message board area can be found by selecting Communications>Mail. You can create, store, and exchange email messages there. But, even easier, you can send and receive email messages to your club directly from your regular email program and still make sure they get stored there.

Sending Email Messages

The easiest way to send messages to your club is to send them from your regular email program. You can also use the New Topic link which you will find above the upper right side of the message list in your Mail area.

By default, only messages sent from the email addresses shown on your club roster will go through to the group.

  • Sending A Message To Everyone

    Your Club ID is part of an email address for your club. If you want to send an email to everyone in your club, just address it to <your_club_id> For example, if your club ID is bullmarket, your club email address is

    When you send an email to your club address, it will go to all the members who have registered for online access to your club.

  • Sending A Message To Club Officers Only

    If you'd like to address an email to just your club officers, send it to admin*<your_club_id> For example, an email to just the club officers of the bullmarket club would be addressed to admin*

  • Sending A Message To Your Message Board Only

    If you want to send something to save on your club message board but not go through to all your members, address it to board*<your_club_id> For example, board*

Responding To Club Emails

You can use your own mail program to respond to messages you receive from your club by just replying to them as you do to any other email message. You can also open the message online on your message board and use the links at the bottom to reply.

By default, only replies sent from the email addresses shown on your club roster will go through to the group. They will go to the whole group, not just the original sender.

If your club is not making use of this powerful feature yet to communicate, we'd highly suggest you try it. Why don't you try sending a test message now and see what happens!

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