Correcting Your Records - Cash Balance

It is important that all the transactions that have happened in your financial accounts are entered in bivio correctly. If you see a difference in your cash balance, it means your accounting is wrong and there may be issues that are bigger than just the cash balance that are wrong.

Each month you should do a quick reconciliation to make sure your cash balances in bivio agree with your broker.

If you find a discrepancy, you need to find out what caused it and fix it.

To find it, go to Accounting>Accounts and click on the name of your bank or brokerage account. This opens a Transactions list of all the transactions that have been entered in bivio for that account.


Scroll down the list until you get to a point in time where the amount shown in the "balance" column agrees with an end of month balance on one of your bank or brokerage statements. Then, move forward from there comparing transactions in bivio with those on your statements. You'll find the reason for the difference.


If you don't know how to fix what you find, email us at . Let us know the specific details of the transaction you have found that is missing or incorrect and we'll be able to help you with what you need to do to get it fixed.

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