Correcting Number of Shares For An Investment

It is important that all the transactions that have happened in your financial accounts are entered in bivio correctly. Each month you should do a quick reconciliation to make sure this is the case. Compare the number of shares of each investment with the number of shares shown on your brokerage statement. The numbers should agree exactly.

To fix a discrepancy in shares between bivio and your broker, you need to find the reason for it and then correct the accounting entries.

If the discrepancy has existed for more than a month, you can run valuation reports for different dates and compare them to historical brokerage statements to find the point in time when the difference showed up.

Then, go to Accounting>Investments and click on the name of the investment with the problem. This opens a Transactions list of all the transactions that have been entered in bivio for that investment.


Working forward from the point in time when the problem occurred, compare the bivio entries to the entries that are shown by your broker. You will find the entry that caused the difference.


If you don't know how to fix what you find, email us at . Let us know the specific details of the transaction you have found that is missing or incorrect and we'll be able to help you with what you need to do to get it fixed.

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