Importing ICLUBcentral (R) Accounting

You can import your club's ICLUBcentral (R) Club Accounting (sometimes called NAIC Accounting) data directly into bivio in just a couple of simple steps.

  1. Export Your Data From ICLUBcentral Club Accounting

    Start your ICLUB program and go to Utilities>Export. Save the export file in a convenient and easy to locate place on your computer's hard drive or on a floppy or USB thumb drive. Once you've done that, you may close the ICLUB program.

    Note: It is important you run the ICLUB Accounting audit function before exporting. bivio's auditing is automatic, but it cannot reconcile unaudited ICLUB Accounting data files.

  2. Import Your Data Into bivio

    Login to your club in bivio and go to Administration>Tools. Select "Import ICLUBcentral Club Accounting". Select the exact program you are using and you'll be guided through the specific import process you need to follow.

    1. Social Security Numbers

      You will be asked to confirm whether you want to import Social Security numbers. Social Security Numbers will only be viewable by club officers and by the person to which they belong. They are needed only to generate correct tax forms.

      If you do not import and store them in bivio, you will be asked to enter them when you run the tax program each year. You don't want to send in tax forms without them. The IRS will consider the returns late until they get the information. There are large penalties for filing your club tax returns late.

    2. Find Exported File

      Use the Browse button to find the file you exported from your IClub Accounting program on your computer.

    3. Confirm

      Click OK. You'll be asked to confirm that you want to have all existing accounting transactions cleared from bivio's computers.

    4. Optional Steps

      If there are certain types of transactions in your data file, you may get a few more questions.

      • Identify Unlisted Investments

        Unlisted investments are those whose prices are not in the bivio price database. This step will only be necessary if our software cannot find the ticker symbols included in your Club accounting data in our database. If that happens, you are given a chance to attempt to manually match them. If that doesn't work, the investments will remain unlisted and you will have to enter prices manually when you need a valuation to perform an accounting function.

      • Add Members and Guests

        This last step allows you to invite your members to your bivio club. If this is a re-import, it will probably be skipped. Our software automatically reconciles your current online members with those in your imported data.

Note: Some clubs want to run parallel books using both ICLUB Accounting and bivio when they first start. This helps them become more comfortable with bivio. If you do this, you may re-import your data as often as you like. Just remember that any import will wipe out what is in bivio. Don't do it if you have transactions you've entered in bivio that you want to save.

Note: Splits, mergers, and spin-offs that have cash-in-lieu entries and member withdrawals cannot be edited. Such transactions will not have an Edit Action next to them and will have to be deleted and reentered if you want to change them.

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