Member Detail

The Member Detail page is displayed when you click on Accounting > Members followed by clicking on the name of a specific member. It shows you a detailed list of all the transactions recorded for them. From this page, club officers are able to enter new transactions They may also delete or modify incorrect entries.

On the page you will see:

  • Tool Bar - The tool bar is a row of yellow buttons and is visible only to club officers. They can click on the buttons to enter transactions related to a member, such as payments, fees, or withdrawals. For a complete description of how to enter transactions, please see Member Transactions.
  • Date - The date of the transaction as entered by a club officer.
  • Exec - The UserID of the club officer who entered the transaction.
  • Type - The type of transaction. For example, payment is shown when a member payment has been recorded. with cash is shown if the member has taken a partial cash withdrawal from the club.
  • Remark - Any remarks entered along with the transaction.
  • Units - The change in number of units associated with the transaction.
  • Val. Date - The Valuation Date used to determine the change in number of units associated with the transaction.
  • Amount - The increase or decrease in the value of the account because of each transaction.
  • Action - Allows an officer to edit or delete transactions entered in error.

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