Member Transactions

Member Transactions are those related to a club member's account. These include member contributions such as payments or fees and member withdrawals. You'll find buttons that will let you make these entries on the Member Summary and Member Detail pages.

Member Transactions Include:

  • Member Payments- These are contributions your members make to your club. You can find more details about entering them here.

  • Member Withdrawals- A complete or partial withdrawal of assets from your club is called a withdrawal and must be entered by filling in the member withdrawal form. You'll find it by selecting the withdraw button on the Member Summary or Member Detail pages. You can find more details about entering them here .

Note: There are three types of transactions in bivio:

Make sure you select the appropriate transaction type. For example, if you receive a dividend on a stock, you enter it on the Investment Detail page.If you receive interest on an account, you enter it on the Account Detail page.

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