Who starts clubs?
Who starts clubs?

Tens of thousands of clubs have been started in the U.S. by people just like you. Some do it with family members, colleagues from work, friends from a bar, a church, a civic group or with old school pals.

Some clubs are all women or all men. Others have a mixture of sexes and ages.

Some clubs meet in person, others meet online. Most clubs meet monthly but some meet every week and others may only meet every quarter or even once a year.

Clubs start for a variety of reasons. If you're interested in investing, it can be a fun social activity to try your hand with a group of friends.

The most successful clubs are those that realize that becoming successful at investing is a learning process that will require a long term, ongoing commitment. Undertaking the process with friends that have a common interest makes the journey fun. Committing to focusing on investing at least monthly at a club meeting will give you the structure to keep you going for the long haul.