Why invest with friends?
Why invest with friends?

There are a million reasons to start an investment club. Some people do it with their children or grandchildren, so that they learn about saving and investing. Others want to learn to invest but don't want to put large amounts of their personal resources at risk. Pooling small amounts with others in a group focused on education allows you to do this.

Of course, even experienced investors find that having a way to discuss their ideas with others helps them make better decisions. It reduces the stress of making investing decisions and helps them focus.

You will find people in your group and in the community of bivio investment clubs which are connected to an unlimited variety of businesses and industries. This can lead to discussions which might give you further insight into ideas for new investments.

Group discussions can give you a way to expand on and investigate some of your own ideas further. Many investment club members use their club activities to develop and work through ideas which they then apply to their personal portfolio management.

One thing's for sure. You never really learn to invest until you actually try it. A club lets you try your hand in one of the most cost effective ways available.

It doesn't matter whether you're a Wall Street shark or you still hold a passbook savings account; pooling wisdom and resources gives your portfolio more power. Many people find that the payoff is big.

Most importantly, people join investment clubs because it's fun. You're getting together with a group of friends once a month! It's what keeps you committed for the long haul which is an important part of being successful as an investor.