Set Up Accounts
Set Up Accounts

If you have elected to enter all your historical transactions, you'll need to create accounts in bivio to track your transactions. Otherwise, you'll see them already created from the historical information you've entered. If you are going to use AccountSync TM, you'll also enter your brokerage login information.

  1. Select Accounting>Accounts.

    • If you imported data or entered opening balances, you will already see your financial accounts listed. Use these instructions to set up AccountSync for any accounts that you will link directly to your brokerage for automatic data import.
    • If you have not entered any historical information yet, use the Create button you'll see on this page to set up accounts in bivio to track each of your financial accounts. If it will be an account that will link to your broker with AccountSync, enter the brokerage login information when prompted. Otherwise, leave those fields blank.
    • Once your accounts are set up, you're ready to start Entering Transactions .