Add History
Add History

Your next step will be to enter your club's historical accounting information. How have you been doing your accounting in the past? If you've been using another software program from IClubCentral, you'll be able to read in their data directly. If you've been doing manual accounting or using a spreadsheet, you'll enter some simple balances as of a switchover date.

  1. Question: Do You Currently Use IClub Central Accounting?

    If you were previously using one of the IClubCentral accounting programs, answer YES to this question. You'll receive instructions to guide you through the simple process of importing your data into bivio. Once your data is read in, you can skip the next step and move to Invite Members .

    If your club is not currently using an IClub program, answer NO to this question and continue on to step 4, below.

  2. Question: Did your club form prior to <date>?

    Where the <date> is January 1 of the prior year.

    • If NO, your club is young enough that you should enter it's entire history of transactions into bivio. Select No and continue on to the Invite Members step. You'll enter the transactions later.

    • If YES, you will be given a second screen with two choices.

      • Answer YES if you would like to enter your club's entire history of transactions. then continue to the Invite Members step. You will enter your transactions later.

      • Answer NO if you would like to enter a summary of your history as of a switchover date.

        You will be taken to the Edit Opening Balances screen. You will need to enter the first day of a prior year as a switchover date. As of that date, you'll be asked to enter your accounts and their cash balances, the shares of any stock you owned along with their purchase dates and prices, and a list of your members, their unit ownership, the total they've paid into the club and the total of any earnings that have been allocated to them in previous tax years. More Details About Entering Opening Balances .

        You can also enter, edit or complete this information later by going to Administration>Tools and selecting the "Edit Opening Balances" link.

        Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about how to complete this step.