Maximum Percentage a Partner Is Allowed to Own
Our club has four members. One member's investment is approximately 40% of the value of the club. The three others members have about a 20% investment each. These percentages are allowable in our partnership agreement (We used the agreement from the bivio site. ) From ...
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Hi, There are 4 members in our club and 2 want to leave. The other two really do not want to close the account, but it will be hard to run a club with only 2 members. As a club, can we sell some of ...
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Closing bank account on bivio
We would like to know how to correctly show that a bank account has been closed in bivio. We no longer have the bank account but in bivio it shows the bank name and funds. Please advise
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Voting Rights
What does everyone do with the notices to exercise our right to vote. Does anyone do this and if you do how do you determine which individual to give the club's proxy to.
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Question about a withdrawal
Currently I am in need to withdraw 20,000 from our club. My investment value is 23,000, but I only paid about 8,000 for it. If I show this as a withdrawal, won't my investment percentage drop to zero, when really the remaining 3,000 is about ...
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Federal & State Tax Reporting Requirements for Disbanding Clubs
Our club has come to it's logical conclusion.A I've read several of the articles, messages and self help notes about the disbanding process.A I believe I understand the Federal requirements to file a partial return and that can be done on the Bivio site.A However, ...
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Buying Foreign Stocks
Our club is considering purchasing stock in Canadian company Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF), which is slated to trade on the NYSE as ACB by the end of this month. Our question regards taxes. How does owning foreign stocks complicate our taxes, if at all? Thank you ...
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20/20 Investment Club disbanding
Good morning Laurie, Our club has decided to disband. We have sold all of our stock and transferred the funds to our bank account. When doing the total withdrawal on each member I noticed it didn't include the cash we had on hand. How do ...
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Does Your Club Own Celgene?
If your club owns CELG,A you may be aware that they are being bought by Bristol Meyers. There are a couple of issues related to this transaction that you should be aware of as they will affect your club accounting. This will be a taxable ...
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Quest for Positive Returns
How do I get our club's Quest for Positive Returns updated? I've e-mailed support several times and have not gotten a response. Thanks, Kathy Hazlewood
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DowDupont Split to Dupont de Nemours Inc(DD) and Corteva Inc (CTVA) transaction
a)A I do not yet understand the question. b)A When one talks of "correcting" an imported transaction, one must be careful to reflect accurately the tax nature of the transaction.A If the "correction" does not reflect what TD Ameritrade will show on its 1099, then ...
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DowDupont Split to Dupont de Nemours Inc(DD) and Corteva Inc (CTVA) transaction
Is there anyone club out there that owned DowDupont and has been able to figure out how to correct the imported transactions for TDAmeritrade. Our club had 30 shares of DowDupont and when it split into Dupont De Nemours Inc (DD) and Corteva Inc (CTVA). ...
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New IRS Audit Procedures - Our Recommendations
It's time to make a change. Our goal at bivio is to make sure your club operations can be as simple as possible so you can have an investment club and learn about investing in a real life a€œlaba€ and not get bogged down by ...
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Partnership agreement
I am looking for the information or email where the recommended wording for amending the partnership agreement to either opt out of the irs audits or what ever my club decides to do tomorrow. I am not finding what i need. colleen goings
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withdrawal because of death of a member
The member's family decided to open an account with our broker. The broker has transferred the stocks. where and how do I record this in Bivio?
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