Advice needed for VT option problem
I was hoping someone might have some insights/answers concerning a Virtual Trade option Put order I made today. I had a Sell to Open order SPY 3Q12 145 Put filled on Sept 20. I placed an order in the VT to Buy To Close the ...
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Books on Options
My friend and well known investing teacher/presenter Saul Seinberg sent along the following list books on options for your consideration. If Saul is recommending them, I am sure they are good. There were a couple of recent postings in the Cool Tool discussion group about ...
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I'm a guy who enjoys reading. I just bought books on options by Mark Wolfinger, Lawrence McMillan, and George Acs, It got to thinking, Paul so you have books or authors you would reccomend reading to learn about options? CHUCK B
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Market Index ETF COOL TOOL
Good morning everyone, During last weeks COOL Club session, the Market Index ETF COOL TOOL was introduced. If you missed the session, the recording is now posted here: September 12 COOL Club Meeting and on YouTube at: Tonights session will discuss the TOOL further. ...
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Paul I've been thinking a lot about the ETF session, with the SPY breaking the top band what's required now is the patience to wait for it to drop down to the lower band. When it does you start selling puts. Do you have guidelines ...
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My Aapl practice
For anyone wanting good option practice on the Virtual Trader, Aapl has been great for placing puts & calls, interesting to follow, and great all around experience (I would not place Aapl options myself in real life starting out since it's very expensive). Over the ...
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Glad I did this in the virtual trader, thought I was putting in a put limit order @ 143 strike before the market opened this morning but my fat fingers hit a call with a144 strike which was filled. So now I have a naked ...
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COOL Tool and the math
Paul, I can do that level of math. Thank you for writing the formula!! I don't know why I was intimidated by the formula before; you wrote it simpler than I have seen it, perhaps <G> so the math is: premium/strike x 365 days/divided by ...
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Closing a Cash Secured Put-Recording Posted
The recording of the COOL Club Sept 5 session is now available. In it COOL Dude Paul Madison demonstrates how to use the Cash Secured Puts COOL TOOL to determine how to close a Cash Secured Put position. You can find it posted here: Closing ...
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rollling on about rolling
With regard to rolling, I agree with everything Paul says below. (I should, since he's been a very helpful mentor for me in options trading.) And I agree that playing with rolling options should come only after you're pretty comfortable with "regular" options trading, so ...
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COOL Tool and Mac users
I opened the COOL_Tool Excel file at work on my PC and enabled macros. (I got tech support for this but it is easy: go to the Window icon on top left, choose Excel Options on bottom of this little window; then Trust Center, Trust ...
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Mistakes can be a good thing on VT
Cool Dude quote: "The only way to become a craftsman is through doing and doing and doing and learning from your own experiences. If you are afraid to start because you might make a mistake then I encourage to quit right now. Success only comes ...
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This Week's Cool Club
So as The COOL Club Dude, I really appreciate that our weather across the country is finally COOLing off. But as we move into the winter months I may have to rename our group the HOT (Happy Options Traders) Club. We are going to be ...
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On 8/29 I placed an order for 1 ORLY $85 put at $1.54, a 25% APR and a net premium of $143.50. The order is still open. /Ralph
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Option Was Exercised
As we progress with both The Cool_Dude and the Cool Tools, we have been discussing if the option was exercised. I would like to expand on that discussion to see how others are handling this issue. What happens say if you sold a CSP on ...
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