beta vs. implied volatility
Paul's response below (regarding the unimportance of a stock's beta in the options world) prompted me to do a little online digging. "You can't believe everything you read on the internet," but this brief description helped me sort things out: "Beta and volatility are not ...
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Update on FAST position
An update on my FAST position.A In August I took an open position on my existing holding of FAST.A I've owned the stock for some time, have double digit gains, feel that this level is unsustainable given the soft market and need to take some ...
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Here's some news that might create some interesting practice in the Virtual Simulator. David Einhorn, a famous (and smart) hedge fund manager, just let everyone know that his firm is shorting Chipotle. The stock fell 7% in almost an instant. Chipotle is a very good ...
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Thanks Paul - You ARE one cool dude!
I wish to thank you for all of your TIME and expertise needed to develop the Cool Tools which are really neat, for your time needed to prepare for each session and for your time to present each session. I applaud you for your contributions ...
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"Index" strategies in the short term
Sorry about being "out of the loop" for a few days. Malcolm asked about strategies around Indexes when they are not close to the bottom of the range but we have cash. I am going to talk about that tonight. I believe it was Chuck ...
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Cool Dude, What indications are you seeing that show that we should be seeing that pullback shortly? I would like to increase my knowledge so I can also anticipate some of these events? Thanks Susan
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October COOL_Club Registration now open
Greetings to all of you in COOL_Club and Club_Cafe, I just wanted to let you know that the registration links are now up for our October COOL_Club sessions. This link will take you straight there First up this Wednesday, October 3rd at 500:pm ET ...
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Market Direction
I just want to make sure a comment I made last night is not taken out of context. I mentioned that all the Implied volatilites seem to be getting fatter as the strike prices went down on both CALLs and PUTs and that told me ...
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Fellow COOLie Ron E sent the following article about the VIX. It fits in very nicely with our discussion of volatility last night at COOL_Club Paul Madison
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I think the homework was to place an option on SPY. I'm waiting to see if Thursday's weeklies are better than today since the stock is falling - hoping to get a Put in after tomorrow's numbers. I did play with AAPL - obviously not ...
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a PUT STO experience today
Paul is going to cringe at this ticker, but I sold weekly PUTs on CLF this morning. Strike of $37.50 and premium of $.38. Underlying was at $38.74 at the time of the transaction. With about a penny per share commission and only 2 days ...
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Just noticed Extra Fees....
It's been driving me nuts lately when my addition & subtraction of option trades & commissions didn't jive with the Virtual Simulator total cost per transaction. Finally today I noticed under "Account Activity", a box to "Show Commissions & Regulatory Fees." I checked the box ...
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Stock Market Volatility and You
Want to learn how to embrace the roller coaster ride? At tonights COOL Club session, COOL Dude Paul Madison will be discussing Market Volatility. What is it? How is it measured? How can you learn to use it to make investing decisions? Participants will take ...
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Paul I'm a little confused (NORMAL). I was using the CoolTool to see if I should buy back the calls I sold yesterday on the SPY. If you remember I sold 3 weekly calls with a 146 strike and a .46 premium which gave a ...
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This morning in the virtual trader I sold 3 weekly SPY contracts with a $.46 premium.According to the cool tool that worked out to a 26% APR and $123.05 in net premium. CHUCK B
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