Paul, Laurie & Co. Great class last night. I really like that you are getting into what your thinking when sell an option. I thought it was interesting on how much value you place on the PEG RATIO. That is something I never paid much ...
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COOL_Club gets going in the New Year - Wednesday January 9th - 7:30 PM ET
Happy New Year COOL Club, Hope you are enjoying a COOL New Year! We are going to resume COOL_Club activities this Wednesday, January 9th at a new time of 7:30 PM ET. This year, in general, we are going to try to focus our sessions ...
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FAST close out and recap
Hi Everyone, I got called away on my FAST trade today - never challenge Taleb in an investor forum. So I made the lower level of my calculated trade $803 (net gain from purchase of stock, selling stock and call premium + special dividend) in ...
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FAST Trade Concept
Hi All, I'd like some feedback on the cockamamie scheme. Fastenal (FAST) just announced a $0.50 special dividend payable for shareholders of record Dec 7, paid Dec 21 just in time for Christmas. Here's my plan: Buy 600 shares at $41 and immediately write a ...
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Option Study Stock
Hi All, Here is a stock that has significant premiums, IMO, and is getting whipped up in the market right now.A I'm just returning to this company after owning in my, now defunct, club some years ago.A We made money on this company and it ...
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Ipad app - Deckfolio
I found this Ipad app this morning and it is pretty interesting for options (and it's free!). It looked pretty simple at first, but gets more interesting the more I play with it. It is very visual and clean and designed for many options strategies. ...
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12/12/12 COOL_Club
How COOL is it that the last COOL_Club session of the year is also the last repetitive day of our lifetimes, 12/12/12. Or at least I don't think I will be around 88 years from now when New Years 2101 rolls around as 1/1/1. Tonight ...
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December Expiration
Malcolm Sent from my Communicator
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Another trade to talk about.A Well, I'd like to talk about it with someone. (hint, hint) I wanted to open a position in Titan Industries, Inc.A They sell manufacturing and farm equipment.A Good numbers, fair to good expectations - ever meet a farmer who was ...
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Ex-Dividend Dates for ETFs
You can always check an ETF's proxy statement to find information about how dividends are handled. SPY pays out on a regular interval as specified in the proxy statement and Paul has integrated that date into the Cool tool. For IShares ETFs, including IWM, you ...
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Case Study Request
So far, all buy one trade has gone well for me and I've kept to the rule: don't loose money! Even my one trade that went wrong made money. I'm considering, IMO, a risky trade. But before I do, I'd like to hear from more ...
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Dividends and Options
Hi All, Here is an article by Schwab that is topical to the discussion from Wednesday's Club meeting. I especially appreciate the final line in the article: There is no free money in the marketplace. So before you attempt a trade that looks like ...
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My New Year Gift to the Club
Over the holidays I am hoping I will have some down time to tinker with COOL_Tools. I would like to ask you to send along to me any problems, bugs, and/or enhancements you might like me to consider including as I work on new and ...
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Covered CALLS and Dividends
COOL_Club Gang, This week's COOL_Club topic will be looking at Selling Covered Calls. Because many companies are announcing special dividends we are also going to spend some time understanding how dividends both normal and special can affect Covered Calls. Hope to see you in the ...
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(No Subject)
At last night's COOL_Club I mentioned I would send out the link for the IRS Publication 550 which gives the details on Capital Gains and Losses on both options as well Options. That would be this link It is interesting but not light reading. ...
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