BHP trade
Hi Everyone, I just closed out a position I wrote for BHP, Billiton Limited.A It is a global mining concern based in Australia but with assets in every continent but Antarctica. They have gold mines here in Nevada, iron ore in Auz, oil & gas ...
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COOL Club Meeting Tonight! Covered Options and Taxes
Just a reminder that tonight at the COOL Club meeting, we'll be discussing the tax issues associated with trading covered options. They're pretty simple if you stick to certain types of transactions, but can get complicated quickly if you stray. We'll share some simple rules ...
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Trading Rules
Hi Everyone, Attached is a document that I'm working on in Google Drive - viva la web. It is my revised attempt at a set of rules to use when considering option trading with covered calls and cash secured puts.A Suitable for posting on wall ...
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November Expiration
Dudes & Dudettes, One sign you may not be a stock trader - Charles Schwab sends out an Equity Rating alert on PB and I thought, swear to all that is holly, Why did Schwab degrade Peanut Butter from a C to a D? I ...
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Shorties options: new, expanded weeklies
Last week Thursday I noticed SPY and IWM option chains showed weekly options for several upcoming weeks. See this article: Shorties Options Will Stand Tall . The development is a good thing because more flexibility and options allow me to take advantage of varying degrees ...
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Email Tip
Hi Dudes and Duddettes, I was listening to a seminar from InvestEd and the comment was made that if you give out your email to Navalier or other sites, you'll get spammed daily with solicitations. Couple of email tricks I learned some time back Make ...
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November 14th COOL_Club meetup at 9 PM ET
OK Dudes and Dudettes (you really like that better?) Tomorrow night is COOL_Club and I have not seen any homework posts. If you have time and you have tried selling a Cash-Secured PUT on an Index ETF, it would be great if you could share ...
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ETF Cool Tool Question
Cool Dude, I am having an issue with the v2.12 Index ETF Cool Tool.A In the Closing the Option tab, I get a #DIV/0! error for APR when I attempt to determine a reasonable BTC price. Malcolm
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Why to Sell Options Rather Than Buy Them
The recording of the October 3 session discussing the reasons for selling options rather than buying them is now posted on the presentations page at the COOL_Club. You can find it here: You can also watch it on YouTube here: We're still working ...
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Malcolm, Laurie and Paul, IQNT used to be Neutral Tandem and they provide interconnection services( wireless, cable, etc) Seems the company not only paid out $ to shareholders (some consolation) but will make a one time payment of 9mil to one of their largest customers ...
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covered call IQNT
This is probably a dumb question and not a good stock for option example. I However I have a losing position in IQNT and have attached the options for Nov. I realize it is thinly traded especially after tanking. I am looking to make the ...
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October Expiration Experience
Hi All, I had an interesting day this last Friday which I'd like to share for your entertainment - I will not call it an investing experience because it was, as we say here in Reno, a pass at the green felt I rolled the ...
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Portfolio Strategy w Conservative Options
I'm turning 50 next year.A AARP has my email, address and phone already, so I'm being spammed on three fronts. I have 17 years before I cash in on that golden goose of Social Security.A I've been looking at restructuring my modest portfolio to align ...
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New version of the Index ETF COOL Tool
COOL_Clubbies, In preparation for tonight's COOL_Club session on Selling Covered Options on Index ETFs, I went back and made a couple small changes to the Index ETF COOL Tool. The new version, 2.12, has been posted to the Resources Page of COOL_Club at the following ...
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October Homework
Hi All, Given the events of the Election and Sandy slamming the financial capital of the world, it isn't surprising to me that no one has done their Homework Assignment:A review a companies earnings report. I am also suspicious that many of you may be ...
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