Club ID

Your Club ID is a short identifier for your club. It has several useful purposes. For example, it is part of your club email address. If your club ID is tycoons, your club email address is

You will find this address is very useful for having club discussions. Anyone in your club can send a message to all the other members of your club from their own email account. They just need to send it to your club email address. By default, only emails sent from addresses that are registered on your club roster will go through to everyone.

This gives you a really easy way to have club discussions and follow replies without leaving anyone out. It's a great way to have stock discussions, co-ordinate meetings, share recipes or discuss any other topic you'd like with your group.

Your club ID is also part of your club homepage address (if you have created one). For example, would take someone to the tycoons club homepage.

If you are logged into bivio, you can find your clubID several places.

It is in the upper right corner of your screen when you are logged in:


You can also find it if you go to Administration>Info


If you are a club officer and you click on Club ID on that page, you can even change it (as long as someone else hasn't already taken what you'd like to use).


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