Valuation Report

The Valuation (NAV) Report provides a detailed snapshot view of your club's assets, the number of units outstanding, and the current unit value of your club on a given date. The value of your stocks is updated automatically each business day in the evening.

The valuation of your assets at specific points in time is an important part of keeping accurate accounting and tax records for your club. It is very important that the valuation shown on this report be accurate. If it does not agree with information provided by your broker, or you do not have a good reason for differences, it is important that you correct your bivio records prior to entering member payments, paying withdrawals or filing taxes.

The report is shown as of the date shown at the top of the report.

Here are the fields shown on the report:

  • Shares Held - Number of shares of each security held as of the date of the report.
  • Cost Basis Per Share - Average cost basis per share. The Cost Basis Per Share includes the average price paid for each share plus transaction charges, entered as commissions, that are related to the acquisition of this stock.

    Note: The Cost Basis Per Share will be different from the actual dollar amount paid for each stock if an event such as a split, spin-off, merger or return of capital has affected happened since you purchased your shares.

    It is important that the information in this column and the per lot cost basis information shown on the bivio "Investment Lot Cost basis report" agree with what your broker shows on an "Unrealized gain/loss" report.

  • Total Cost Basis - Cumulative Total Cost Basis of all shares of the associated security. Includes the total amount paid for the shares shown including transaction charges, entered as commissions, that are related to the acquisition of this stock. Note: The Total Cost Basis may not be indicative of the actual total dollar amount paid for securities that have been associated with a spin-off or a merger.
  • Price Per Share - The current market Price Per Share of each security as of the date noted on the top left side of the report:

    (using prices from market close for XX/XX/XXXX)

  • Market Value - The current Market Value of a security. It is calculated by multiplying the Shares Held by the Price Per Share. If your club has any unlisted investments, it is important that you update their prices manually or the Valuation report will be incorrect.

    Under the stock listings the cash balance in each financial account you have will be shown. It is very important that this also be accurate and that there are not any accounts listed that you don't actually have.

  • Unrealized Gain/(Loss) - The difference between the Total Cost Basis and the current Market Value.
  • Percent of Total - The Market Value of this security as a percentage of the Total Market value of all Securities and Cash held by the club.

At the bottom of the report you will see the number of units in your club as well as the unit value as of the date of the report.

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