Learn Something New! Free Opportunities for Your Club
Learn Something New Does watching the market craziness get you down? Do something positive that will make you feel like you are moving forward. Invest some time in learning something new. You can't go wrong expanding your horizons. September is a great time of year ...
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Do You Have Questions About Your Partnership Agreement?
Club Meeting Meeting-Your Partnership Agreement Do you know where your club's partnership agreement is? Do you know what it says? Do you know why it's important? Do you have any questions about the wording of any of the items in your agreement? For the September ...
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Is Goodwill Good?
Club Meeting Meeting-Goodwill If a company you own has acquired any other companies in the past 10 years, it will probably have an asset on its balance sheet which is called Goodwill. In fact, the total assets of some companies currently the topics of discussion ...
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How Is Your Investment Club Doing?
Club Meeting Meeting-Benchmarking Your Portfolio It's pretty well documented that if you want to lose weight, it helps to keep a record of what you're eating and to weigh yourself regularly. If you want to go somewhere new, it helps to map out a route ...
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More For You From bivio!
Club Meeting Meeting-Cash Flow Cash flow can give you clues to future earnings that you won't get from an income statement. Research has shown that discrepancies between cash flow information and income statement accrual based information can provide meaningful insight into future stock returns. If ...
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Re Energizing Your Investment Club
Dashboard Diagnostics-Re Energizing your Club Has your club been around for a while? Do you have stocks you are interested in which don't fit into the "rules" you have established for choosing investments? If so, you might be interested in this months Dashboard Diagnostic Session. ...
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How Much Do You Know About Your Investment Club Finances?
An Orientation To Investment Club Accounting May Club Meeting Meeting An investment club is an investment partnership for accounting and tax reporting purposes. This impacts the way your club records need to be kept as well as your personal tax situation. If everyone in your ...
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April Club Meeting Meeting-Diving Into Financial Reports!
Diving Into Financial Reports April Club Meeting Meeting When you own stock, you are the owner of a business. Each quarter the management of that business is required to report to you on how it's doing. They do this in quarterly financial reports. As an ...
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